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SOLD OUT "The Art of Hideki Koh Youthful Melodies"

9,720 JPY

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It is sold out due to high popularity. [Signed by the author, our store-limited] We send out the notice by International e-packet. It takes approximately 12-17 days. We will ship the goods once we confirm payment. We inform a chase number. There are not the guarantees such as the loss by an accident delivering. Hideki Koh brings freshness and liveliness to the boys and young men depicted in his art. His first published collection of art work is available in extra-large size for readers’ enjoyment. On sale now! The delicate and aesthetic world of the boys and young men Hideki Koh creates has received high praise in both Asia and world-wide. The rich collection of over 100 art works including oil paintings, drawings, and dolls is a wonderful selection of Koh’s work that his fans have been waiting for. A recommendation message : As a doll-maker Koh's amazing talents earned him the vaunted title of " mannerist". -----Aquirax Uno Koh has shrunk the world down into his dolls and given them a spark from his dreams. -----Simon Yotsuya Amazon.jp http://urx.mobi/C3Kb

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